Posted by: writersworkshophelp | November 9, 2007

Conferencing during Independent Writing Time

Conferencing occurs during the independent writing time. Conferencing can take different forms. Students often seek out their partners or another student to conference with for opinions, suggestions, etc. Teachers actively conference with either individual students or small groups during this time also.

Conference questions to help a teacher “lead in” to a conference:

  • How’s your writing project going?
  • Tell me what you are writing about.
  • What can I help you with?
  • Read what you’ve written so far.

Questions asked to focus instruction during a conference:

  • Why are you writing this?
  • I do not understand…
  • What can you do to help your reader see, (hear, feel, etc.)…?
  • How can we slow this down?
  • What are you planning to happen next?

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