Posted by: writersworkshophelp | November 7, 2007

Summer vacation and the background work continues…

The end of the school year 2006-2007 came quickly. A few teachers had asked me if they would be able to take home a Units of Study kit over the summer to get familiar with it before the start of the new school year. I welcomed this idea. The kits came in from Heinemann and I got them all stamped with our school name, numbered and inventoried. As it turned out, only two teachers ended up requesting kits for the summer break.

I took a kit home myself so I could continue my orientation with the Units and start to prepare for inservicing the teachers in the fall. I also knew I would be attending the full day workshop prior to school starting at our local Intermediate School District.

About mid-way through summer, an e-mail came out alerting teachers to the sales local stores were having on composition books. The composition books are needed by each student in grades 3-5 to be used as their writer’s notebooks. Normally, they cost one to two dollars each, however, with the summer school supply sales they were on sale for twenty-five cents. A real bargain…especially considering our tight budget at school. Many of the teachers made the sales and stocked up on notebooks with the principal promising reimbursement upon our return to school in the fall.


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